Brady Clark

Brady is a novelist currently completing his PhD in Creative Writing at Brunel University, though his passion for fiction is just as strong when it comes to film. His particular loves are all things Marvel and any work by Scorsese, but he is not restricted by genre so long as the plot is strong and the acting solid. Follow him on Twitter @BradyRClark.

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  • Movie review
    My New York Year

    My New York Year could easily be mistaken for The Devil Wears Prada for literat...

  • sky

    Based on the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano, ZeroZeroZero doesn’t exactly...

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    I Made This for You

    Whilst I Made This for You might present itself as a work of fiction, the s...

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    Matthias & Maxime

    Serving as writer, director and lead of Matthias & Maxime, Xavier ...

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    Lynn + Lucy

    If one thing is for sure about Lynn + Lucy, it’s that it packs a punch. British shor...

  • apple
    Central Park

    At first glance, Central Park might appear uninspired. It’s the sort of show we have...

  • Movie review
    I’m No Longer Here (Ya no estoy aqui)

    CIFF 2019 Best Film winner I’m No Longer H...

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    What at first appears to be The Good Place 2.0 is instead a warm and subtle comedy that take...

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    Why Don’t You Just Die!

    A bloody mess seems to come to mind for Kirill Sokolov’s fea...

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    Brian De Palma seems to be a long way from his best. The Scarface and Mission: Impossible di...