Donna Mackay

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Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, Donna Mackay graduated with a Philosophy degree from the University of Glasgow before moving to New York where she assisted in launching Digital Social Sound, a music website where she still is a writer. Now living in London, Donna specialises in arts and entertainment communications, with keen interests in music, film, photography and theatre. 

  • Movie review

    Kevin Smith, the man who brought us 90s classics Clerks and Mallrats, returns with his...

  • Live music
    Alpines at Oslo

    Alpines are a duo you’d happily describe as a slow burner. In the days of...

  • Live music
    Josh Pyke at Oslo

    It’s a Thursday night in Hackney’s edgiest venue, Oslo. Normally a shrine for local mid-30s...

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    Caribou – Our Love

    The word “anticipated” couldn’t be more of an understatement when applied to...

  • London Film Festival 2014
    Fishing Without Nets

    Tuesday 14th October, 9pm – Ciné Lumière Sunday 19th October,...

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    The Book of Life

    Releasing in time to capitalise on the upcoming Halloween festivities, The Book of Life is...

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    First seen in 2013 release The Conjuring, Annabelle the terrifying doll returns to deliver the...

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    The Babadook

    Set in a faceless Australian town, Amelia is a single parent to her son Samuel,...

  • Theatre
    Albion at the Bush

    Albion’s timing could not be more apt: while the union of the United Kingdom is in...

  • Theatre
    Ghost from a Perfect Place at the Arcola

    Ghost from a Perfect Place returns to the London stage this autumn,...