Nathalie Chong

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A prodigal Londoner, Nathalie returned to the city in 2013 following her degree at University College Dublin and a short-lived stint in insurance. She enjoys reading, movies, sports (especially rugby) and, weirdly, the gym. Follow her on Twitter @LadyLassitude.

  • Movie review
    Fantastic Four

    It’s that time of year again, while the kids are on holidays and the weather...

  • Movie review
    The Cobbler

    The strangest thing about The Cobbler is not its premise, nor the events of the...

  • Theatre
    Bitesize Chekhov at the Courtyard

    Burrowed under Pitfield Street in the East End, pumping 80s pop classics, The...

  • Movie review
    The Choir

    You know the story by now. In fact, you’ve heard it many times: the underdog...

  • Live music
    Sea Lion at The Islington

    Sidling onto the stage, a curtain of dark hair obscuring her face, Swedish songstress...

  • Theatre
    Woolf Works

    Woolf Works, a triptych of ballets based on three of Virginia Woolf’s best-known novels, is...

  • Theatre
    Kingmaker at the Arts

    What could be more fitting for Election week than Kingmaker, the Edinburgh fringe...

  • Theatre
    Matchbox Theatre at the Hampstead

    The days of theatrical revue are all but gone from British theatres in modern...

  • Movie review
    Elsa & Fred

    The grey pound has become a driving force in cinema in recent years, with the...

  • Movie review
    Danny Collins

    Inspired in part – and a very small part – by true events, Danny Collins tells the...