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Thursday 30th October 2014

Vicky Davies: Jewellery to adorn you

  Tuesday 13th March 2012
  Tuesday 13th March 2012

Vicky Davies jewellery has graced the pages of Red, Marie Claire and Vogue magazine and has touched skin with Alexa Chung and Davina McCall. Whilst her jewellery may seem dainty and kitsch, don’t be fooled – Vicky Davies’ collection is both inspirational and creative. Drawing ideas from vintage and antique jewellery: “my jewellery uses images, symbols and materials which can affect the wearer on a poetic and unconscious level. I like to think that a piece can be worn as an amulet or talisman”.

Based in East London, the designer’s work is handmade using sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Iconography such as hearts, birds and key symbols embellish her creations giving them a decadent twist on delicate knotted chains. Beautifully executed with engravings such as love, joy and hope, a piece from the Vicky Davies seasonal range will bring a certain air of nostalgia to any outfit you choose to decorate it with.

Our favourite items are taken from the Me and You collection where spinning pendants are inscribed with intricate Me and You italics and are available as both necklace and bracelet. The Heart and Arrow charm bracelet is simply adorable and with loved-up charms like this decorating your wrist, you’ll be yearning for another piece from Vicky Davies! We are also adding the Peace and Joy Birds to our wish list; a long-standing recognisable icon still remaining very much on-trend within the fashion circuit.

So whether you want to treat yourself to a new addition for your jewellery box or adorn a friend in something special, have look at the Vicky Davies online boutique by clicking here.

You’re sure to find something unique and simply perfect.

Mel Jeffery


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