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Friday 28th November 2014

Taking a closer look at Dark Horse

  Thursday 15th March 2012
  Thursday 15th March 2012

Jenny Hattersley is the name behind Dark Horse, a quirky accessories label established in the UK. Having graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in jewellery, Hattersley found herself drawn to the wonderful world of fashion where she turned her skills to the art of window dressing.

She instantly became a top name, worked for some of London’s top stores, before landing a role as a longstanding member of Topshop’s elite Creative Team.  It was Hattersley’s creative experience at Topshop mixed with great desire for craft that started what has become Dark Horse, aiming to offer a stimulating alternative to the mass-produced accessories of the high street, looking from a whole new fashion forward and sometimes rebellious outlook.

Dark Horse is all about contradictions, from inception to the finished piece, all of which adhere to a cool handmade attitude mixed with eminent eye for detail. Hattersley’s designs are pretty yet tough, utterly show-stopping but totally wearable, fashion-forward yet future classics in the marking. Her collections consist of necklaces, cuffs and corsages, produced biannually, made of the finest leather and textiles sourced locally. A genuine knowledge of colour use, texture and Hattersley’s passion for haberdashery have been combined to challenge the culture of disposable fashion which we abide by today, taking a traditional approach to creating collections which are striking and individual but more importantly wearable.

Prices start from £37.50 and range up to a couple of hundred. Dark Horse also works on a commission and consultancy basis to create one-off statement pieces for clients worldwide.

 Becca Carey

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