Tim Mead

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Tim is a freelance writer and advertising professional from Melbourne, Australia. He moved to Berlin last year to escape the 9-to-5 machine and further pursue his writing. He is passionate about classic and contemporary cinema, music, fashion and social commentary.

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    Vergine Giurata (Sworn Virgin)

    Body identity and gender politics are some of the...

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    Nasty Baby

    A pleasant examination of modern life in a particularly gentrified neighborhood,...

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    Ned Rifle

    Completing his obscure trilogy (Henry Fool, Faye Grim) that never quite got the...

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    Sworn Virgin

    Body identity and gender politics are some of the most analysed themes in...

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    A Balkan western filmed in black-and-white, Aferim! is definitive proof that...

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    I Am Michael: An interview with James Franco and Justin Kelly

    He’s considered the busiest man in Hollywood. The Upcoming...

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    Every Thing Will Be Fine

    They say he’s been fanatical about the power of 3D since his 2011...

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    A smoldering beauty of a film, Chorus slowly reveals itself in this bleak but hopeful...

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    A strong contender for this year’s Golden Bear, Polish film Body is a stark...

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    I Am Michael

    Justin Kelly’s directorial debut won’t be seen by many beyond the art-house...